Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The Rules I Follow

      My mom and I had an argument recently, she wanted to add new rules to the house. I quickly disagreed, and that was mainly because my brain likes to make up rules without consulting me. Trust me, my brain really likes to do things without making sure it's allowed to. My mom and I had gone shopping, and she had bought a cupcake for me. Next thing I know, my brain made a parody of 'The Monster' by Eminem and Rihanna, and then my brain made the lyrics 'I'm friends with the cupcake that's in my hand'. 

      So as you can tell, my mind and I don't always get along very well. But the rules my brain makes up are even worse than a parody about cupcakes. I follow such silly rules, but even if I didn't want to follow them, I would still end up following them. I'll tell you a few of the rules I follow, because if I wrote them all, it would fill this whole post.

      1. Wash your hands after eating anything with common allergens in it and stuff like that   2. If you see a spider, stay away from the spot where it was for at least two days   3. Try to always use even numbers, unless you're walking/running/horseback riding   4. Always follow the preset patterns and routines that your mind makes up, don't change them, ever   5. Keep your secrets for as long as possible, there's always people out there who are just fake friends   6. Trust is the hardest thing to gain, so don't give out trust until you've known the person for at least a year, then you are permitted to reveal your own past

      An those are six of my many rules, but I've saved one of my important ones. Why? Because it needs a whole paragraph to be explained. If you don't want to do something because it scares you or you know you can't do it, follow the Micah rules of Fight or Flight. You can either pretend to be sick and go home, or start arguing and insulting to hide how you really feel and make the other person so mad that they leave. Also, if a car or something is coming fast toward you, stop right where you are and quickly figure out what to do.

      See why I don't always trust my brain? It's not always reliable in situations, and it makes it nearly impossible to trust someone. Some of the people I trust the most still don't know my complete past, unless they were one of the few who was actually there during those bits. And you know what? I'm writing another post about me not revealing my whole past to people, and I'll even reveal it there (if I can...).

      So, I hope you understand me a bit more now, and I hope my mom reads the one paragraph that's two up, one of the most important rules. Mainly because my mom got arguing bit of that one, and I think she's upset and doesn't understand my actions. It's mainly because I've had my trust broken so much that it's hard to trust again. Here's the link to the song, Hercules by Sara Bareilles.


  1. Rules make it easier for us autistic people to survive in the world. They don't always make sense to others but they do to the person with the rules.
    I do understand your seventh rule and have for the past couple of years. Sometimes it seems like regular teenage arguing though so I'm not always positive. Usually I do try to figure out if something is actually bothering you.
    You are doing very well with your writing and this way we know if what we think is going on, is really going on.

  2. Micah, thank you for having the courage to share this with your followers. You are stronger than you know.