Monday, 3 March 2014

Horses Are Like Mirrors

      I found an amazing quote earlier this week, and I've been thinking about it since I found it. "The horse is a mirror to the soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will." It was written by Buck Brannaman. It has me constantly thinking about Winter's personality and how he acts. This is the list I came up with about Winter.

      Winter is very loyal to his friends and those he trusts. Winter tries his hardest, even when he knows he can't do what he's been asked to do. Winter likes to see what he can get away with doing, he usually does little things to see if it works. Winter knows how to distract people from their stress, and how to cheer them up. If the horse is a mirror to the soul, Winter is a near perfect replica. He just doesn't go through the pain that I have, or experienced the trauma I have. That I know of, who knows what happened to Winter before he came to the barn.

      Winter is an amazing horse, and I am amazed at how he mirrors me. I have never had a closer bond with a horse, Winter is the first horse I have ever had this great of a connection with. He even doesn't mind when I put a bright colored fly-veil on his head. Speaking of which, my riding instructor, Linda, took a great picture of him, so here it is.

That's all for this post, and I'll hopefully post again next week. Here's the link for this week's song, Dark Side by Kelly Clarkson    The link is between the comma and this sentence, still haven't figured out how to get the link to show up.


  1. Winter also has trust issues Micah but he has worked for many years to overcome them. Before he came to us he was only used as a walk/trot horse in a riding school and he was very angry when he came to Caydon. He did not want beginner riders on him ever again. I took him aside and had a talk with him. I explained that he could stay at Caydon and live a long happy life with kind people, lot's to eat, a great stall and great turnout...or he could refuse to let beginners ride him and be sent away. I told him if he tolerated the beginners I would ensure that he had many more advanced riders that would let him have some fun and canter and jump him. He seemed to accept that and has been working on his patience ever since. There were a few people he could not accept and was pretty quick to let Paul or me know that he did not want these people on him. He would come up and stand in front of us and stomp his foot and look at us with sad eyes as if saying 'do something!' He trusted us to look after him. We have never forgotten that trust. Winter also had a very rough time when he had some serious lesions under his tail next to his bum. They bled and made him uncomfortable and unhappy. Caydon had the vet come and do surgery on him to remove them. It was a very bad time for Winter but he survived and is a much happier horse after the surgery. I don't think many barns that 'lease' a horse would have put so much money into making him comfortable. We are very fortunate to have him in our lives. He repays us with his gentle attitude and kindness. I know he feels VERY special when he dresses up in his "Winter Olympic" Canadian colors. He is a great horse. AND therapist.

  2. I've learned from your post Micah, and from Linda's comment. Winter is a very special person.